What is "tiered pricing" all about?

When registering for summer programs sponsored by the Illinois Great Rivers Conference, most campers will have three prices to choose from.  The reason for this tiered pricing is three-fold:  1) it acknowledges that families are differently gifted, 2) it educates as to the actual cost of the camp program, and 3) it presents opportunities for second-mile giving to the camping ministry.
Here are the levels you will find in the information about each camp that is eligible:

Tier One:  Assisted Cost

 At this level the summer camp program is funded in part by conference apportionments.  Apportionments are fair-share contributions from local churches that support a number of connectional costs, including camping and retreat ministries.  We are blessed to have local churches that pay their apportionments in full!

Tier Two:  Actual Cost

This tier represents the true cost of the summer camp program.  The Actual Cost covers everything from food to electricity, pool chemicals, summer staff, and gas for the tractor that pulls the hayrack, routine site maintenance, and so on.  The only things it doesn’t cover are costs related to administration and marketing, which are covered by apportionments.

Tier Three:  Actual Plus

This tier is best understood as second-mile giving and is generally $25 greater than the Actual Cost.  This tier allows campers and their parents to invest in the enhancement and expansion of program and facilities.  This gift is automatically routed into the Advance Special account for that camp site and will be used for needed things as building improvements, new mattresses for bunks, new (or new used) camp vehicles and large equipment, and other planned and unplanned items not included in the annual budget.  Donations over and above the $25 are more than welcome.