Little Grassy Camps and Retreats

CatsCradleIllinois Great Rivers Conference (IGRC) Camping and Retreat Ministries offers a myriad of opportunities for children, youth, families, and adults to experience spiritual formation and renewal in a welcoming environment that is close to the earth and sky.

There are camps for families, for first-time campers, and for those who love horses, water play, field games, singing, leading, and more.  Transformation of lives is our goal.  We want each camper to leave having been strengthened in faith, encouraged toward decision-making that is appropriate for their age and journey, enlightened more fully in what it means to live in a community where acceptance, love, and forgiveness are a way of life, and empowered to take that love to the world in the sure hope that a world of peace is not only possible, but the end God has in mind.

The link below will take you to descriptions of upcoming camps and provide a means of registering.  Please do not hesitate to phone or email us with your questions!

Register for Summer Camps

Click here to send a message to your camper while at overnight camp.

We are United Methodists

Little Grassy is generously funded by the Illinois Great Rivers Conference of the United Methodist Church. Teaching campers about a way that we believe leads to the love and peace God promises all people is our mission. 

Being a follower of Christ is not required of our campers, and neither is it an expected or forced outcome.  We just hope that a few days of immersion in the love and grace we have experienced in Jesus Christ will leave campers assured of their worth, motivated to grow, and, perhaps, hungry for another taste of the life promised and made possible by the one we United Methodists call Lord and Savior.